CDVI Group, a leading global manufacturer of access control and security solutions, has made two appointments to its senior leadership team. Following the recent appointment of a Technical Director, the Group has now announced that a Sales Director and a Marketing Director will join the global leadership team.

Shawn Gore, currently the President of CDVI Americas, will also assume the role of Group Sales Director. Paul Ramsay, currently General Manager of CDVI UK&I, will add Group Marketing Director to his remit.

These global roles will bring the CDVI Group closer than it has ever been. The senior leadership team aims to pool their knowledge base and experiences in order to work more effectively towards their global mission. The Group’s mission is to manufacture high quality, high performance access control solutions that will make people’s lives safer and more secure.


“I am excited to take on this additional role as Marketing Director for the CDVI Group. The marketing function within the Group has grown massively in the past five years. My vision is to continue to drive the development of marketing excellence in order to provide the best information and service for our customers around the world.”

Paul Ramsay, Group Marketing Director


“As Group Sales Director, I am excited to be given the mandate to unify our geographically diverse teams. We are a unique manufacturer, as we develop complete solutions all the way from controllers, readers, software, biometrics, intercoms, wireless transmitters & receivers, automatic door openers, plus locks and complementary accessories. Our goal is to deliver these products to as many of our dealers and integrators as possible, so that they can provide a safer and more secure world to their clients.”

Shawn Gore, Group Sales Director


Around the world, the CDVI Group employs more than 250 people across 18 sales offices and eight manufacturing plants. With a goal of 20% of revenue invested back into research and development, the Group constantly looks to stay at the forefront of the industry.

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