Adhesive MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 tag credential (pack of 10)

Ref: E0301H000048

This mini 30mm round tag carries DESFire® EV2 credential technology and is adhesive on one side. It is a high security credential solution which is flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of access systems and installations. Robust, competitive, and simple to use in combination with DESFire® EV2 readers, the DISCTAGEV2 is a handy product for use in a variety of settings.

The adhesive tag comes in packs of 10.

Note: The phone case is not supplied and used for visual representation only.

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Key features

  • Adhesive access credential

  • Ideal for sticking to mobile phones or lanyards

  • 30mm diameter x 1.5mm thickness

  • MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 technology

  • Pack of 10 credentials


  • Technical specifications

    • Card / reader technology
      MIFARE® DESFire® EV2
    • Mounting
      Adhesive on one side - ideal for sticking to mobile phones
  • Appearance

    • Surface Material
    • Colour
      Navy blue
  • Dimensions

    • Product Depth (mm)
    • Product Diameter (mm)
ATRIUM System Architecture | ATRIUM access control with K2 high security reader and tag

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