Automatic car gates are becoming ever more popular for residential and commercial properties. Around 300,000 new installations take place every year in the UK (1). And the market for these solutions is growing. It’s predicted that the global market value for automatic gate opening systems will hit US$ 6.34 billion by the end of 2032 (2).

Where are automated gates used?

Being able to drive your car through an automated gate just makes life easier. Electronic gates have been used for a long time in military and high security locations. However, in recent years the growth in this market has been in residential and commercial premises. Gates are now popular for private homes and gated communities to ensure that residential parking areas are used only by residents. They’re also common for large office buildings, enhancing the security of parking areas.

Benefits of automated gates

The advantages delivered by automatic car gates are numerous. For businesses, security officers benefit from better perimeter control and a higher level of site security. They can track exactly who’s going in and out and when. For private residences, factors such as convenience when arriving/leaving home, a high-end appearance, and added value to the property may be more significant.

The U4GO solution

U4GO is an ultra high frequency (UHF) access solution for automated gates. The system uses radio frequency technology to identify authorised users and trigger the gates’ automatic opening mechanism to operate.

How U4GO works

The system consists of a radio frequency antenna that is mounted on a wall, pole, or post on or near the automatic gate. Authorised drivers are given credentials to allow them access. The valid credentials are either a card that can be stuck inside the windscreen, or robust stickers for the outside of the vehicle.

At the gate site, the antenna constantly emits radio signals, creating a cone-shaped detection zone in front of the gate. When a vehicle equipped with a credential enters the detection zone, the radio signal identifies the credential. If the credential is valid, U4GO triggers the gate to open. The vehicle is then free to enter the site.


Integrating U4GO with access control

For commercial premises, user convenience is key. In an office building, for example, the employees don’t want to carry a swipe card on a lanyard for one door, then remember a keypad code for another door, then need a separate credential for an on-site gym or cafeteria. The more uses that can be combined into one system, the better.  For security officers, having one single system also makes security and tracking considerably easier.

U4GO is available with both standalone and Wiegand configurations. With a Wiegand connection, the gate automation system can be integrated quickly and simply with a site’s access control solution. An online access control system such as ATRIUM allows multiple credentials to be associated to individual users. Moreover, with up to 1000 access levels available to configure, the complex needs of sites are easily accommodated.

Simple and easy convenience

So a single staff member can carry one card on a lanyard and have permission to access the front door, their personal office, and the gym, all with the same card. For the car park, their U4GO card is stuck inside their windscreen and they don’t need to remember it or even touch it. It’s all in the same user profile in the same ATRIUM system.

When they’re in their car, they don’t need to go through the rigmarole of stopping before the gate, rolling down the window, fishing around in a handbag for a card or leaning out of the window to input a keypad code. Simply driving up to the gate is enough. The antenna picks up the U4GO credential and access is automatically granted.

U4GO for pedestrian gates

Automatic gates aren’t always just for cars. Many sites use electronic locking on pedestrian gates to regulate access. This is particularly useful for construction sites, care homes, or nurseries. Any place where security is paramount and users’ hands are often full will benefit from automatic pedestrian gates. If a user is moving boxes, pushing wheelchairs, or carrying children, it can be tricky to use a swipe card, keypad, or fingerprint reader. With U4GO, a card on a hands-free lanyard is all that’s needed. As soon as the user’s card enters the detection zone, they can gain access quickly and easily.

TL;DR: U4GO automatic gate detection system

  • Automated gates are growing in popularity in military, commercial, and residential settings.
  • Automated gates offer better security, added property value, and greater user convenience.
  • U4GO uses ultra-high frequency radio transmission technology to identify authorised users and trigger gates to open.
  • Using a Wiegand connection, U4GO can be integrated with online access control systems.
  • U4GO is a highly convenient solution for both vehicle gates and pedestrian gates.
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