Securing a private or public building is a complex issue. From Access Control systems to intruder alarms and CCTVs, many solutions are available for businesses and individuals to secure their premises. In today’s environment, optimal security solutions can only be achieved by integrating security systems to allow everyone’s unique requirements to be met.

What is an Integrated Security System?

An integrated security system allows for multi-layered security systems and integrates them into one solution. Integrating your access control system with your other security systems helps to consolidate your entire security set-up and response.
For example, CDVI’s ATRIUM Online Access Control integrates with a large range of CCTVs and Intrusion Alarm systems, allowing users to experience a fully functional edge-based system and uniting all their security systems in one easy-to-use online interface.

The recent CDVI’s ATRIUM / Texecom intrusion alarm integration enables users to benefit from a convenient and reliable integrated security system, managing both access control and intruder alarms. Installers also benefit from this integration: cost-effective installation is ensured thanks to the free of charge ATRIUM software and end user interface. Setting up only one system and deciding all alarm features via the ATRIUM software and app allows for reduced installation time and on-site labour costs.

Why integrating access control and intruder alarm?

Integration between access control and intruder alarm systems offers significant benefits. Integrating the Texecom intruder alarm with the ATRIUM access control allows you to unlock doors only when the intruder alarm is disarmed. The “first man in” function will only activate the access control system and doors if one authorised staff member is already in the building, reducing false alarms.

Key benefits of integrated security systems

Efficiency – Through the centralisation of all security systems into one, businesses and individuals will gain in efficiency. The ATRIUM user interface is easy to use and allows for fast access and effective management of the database, boosting the productivity and efficiency of the security team.

Real Time Monitoring – Business management teams and individuals are able to see what is happening in their premises instantly and remotely. The ATRIUM interface allows for real time management and monitoring of users, doors and areas from anywhere in the world and at any time the users might need it.

Cost Saving – An integrated security system will offer considerable cost saving. All ATRIUM access control systems come with a free installer software and end user interface – CDVI does not charge for updates. ATRIUM is a cost-effective solution for all access control systems with its two-door access controller, with multiple integrations available, a 10-year warranty, free software, it is not surprising why ATRIUM is fast becoming the installer’s choice.


For more information, please contact the CDVI team at sales@cdvi.co.uk or call 01628 531300

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