This weekend the clocks go back an hour! You will get an extra hour in bed, but you should also notify your ATRIUM system of this hour change.

Did you set your winter and summer hours in advance?
Great! You do not need to adjust anything.



If your panels are connected to IP, you must manually adjust each master and sub controller.

If your panels are connected via BUS, RS485, the extensions automatically follow the adjustments made on the master controller.

Date and time

Open your ATRIUM Web browser and navigate to Hardware > Control Panel > Date and Time Settings.


After the clocks go back, you notice that the Browser Time and Module Time have an hour difference.

Open the Time Zone drop down menu: select any time zone and save the adjustment (if you have a version 4.0 or earlier, click change first)


After that, you will reverse this operation and select your time zone again to the correct one (e.g. GMT 00:00 London, Dublin), save this operation again.

How do I set my summer-winter time automatically?

Version 4.0 or earlier

In the same window (date and time) you will find “DST” at the bottom. Please record the exact dates below and save the adjustment.

This will automatically calculate when the change is to be made.

Version 4.1 or later

Open the “Hourly Change” window under “Date and Time”. This will automatically calculate when the change is to be made.


Contact technical@cdvi.co.uk for additional support.

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