Physical access control systems are becoming increasingly popular and necessary for organisations large and small. The driving force behind this growth is the perceived need for ever more robust security. However, convenience is also an extremely – possibly equally – important factor. Biometric access solutions, utilising fingerprints, retina scans, or facial recognition, are often lauded for their unique combination of security and convenience.

But just how reliable are biometric security solutions?

Let’s look at ievo biometric fingerprint recognition technology.


Seamless Integration

ievo fingerprint readers have been designed and manufactured with integration as a central design feature. As such, they can be used as third-party readers alongside most of the industry’s best access control solutions. This flexibility allows for ievo readers to be implemented either in new installations or as an upgrade to an existing site, saving the customer time and money.


Enhanced Data Security

Many other fingerprint readers suffer from the vulnerability of data theft or leakage from devices, servers, or software. ievo readers do not store any data at all in the actual reader heads. Therefore, no data can be accessed or compromised if a reader head is damaged or stolen.

When registering a fingerprint, the ievo reader scans and extracts data using an extraction algorithm which identifies a large number of specific features within a fingerprint called minutiae. This special feature allows minutiae data to be converted into a unique proprietary template format. Fingerprint templates are not stored in the reader itself, but on the ievo Interface Board. The Interface Board is installed on the secure side of the door, eliminating the risk of data breach through reader vandalism or theft. This proprietary system is one of the reasons why the ievo ultimate™ fingerprint reader is a CPNI-certified solution.

Moreover, the use of unique fingerprint templates constructed from data points means that the original fingerprint image is not stored or recorded anywhere. The template therefore cannot be used to re-construct the original fingerprint image.


Advanced Security Features

ievo has simplified high security access control by developing a biometric solution that is easy to install, simple to use, and thanks to its recent ISO 30107-3 accreditation, extremely reliable. This certification means that both the ultimate™ & micro™ fingerprint readers successfully identified and rejected 100% of the fake finger attacks performed during compliance testing*.

The advanced security feature that facilitates the identification and rejection of spoofs is known as ‘liveness detection’. Also known as vitality detection, this technology allows a biometric system to recognise whether the finger presented to a reader is in fact alive and legitimate. These methods not only detect whether the sample is living (i.e. real skin with blood flow), but also ensure that each reader only grants access to properly registered and authorised users.


Combining Security with Convenience

For many businesses, security systems are an essential part of their building management strategy. However, keeping traffic flowing effectively and ensuring that solutions are convenient for users are arguably just as key for day-to-day operations.

Many biometric solutions prioritise either security over convenience or convenience over security. The ievo range is different. With powerful technology, strong data protection, and highly optimised performance, these readers balance security and convenience in one harmonious solution.

Whether it’s a small start-up or a multinational enterprise, ievo biometrics are as robust and easy to use for one door as for 500 doors.


Get in touch for more information on the ievo biometric range today!



*Note that spoof detection is an optional feature that must be manually enabled and can result in slightly longer operation times.

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