2-door interlock control module

Ref: E0901D000361

The ICM-2 is a compact 2 door interlock controller allowing 2 functions of interlock control. It can be used for 2 doors requiring a standard ‘Air Lock’ function. Alternatively, the ICM-2 can be set up to allow an auto locking function. The ICM-2 can be used with normally-open or normally-closed door contacts by cutting the appropriate link.

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Key features

  • Interlock control module with manual override

  • 2-door airlock

  • Easy to programme/install

  • CMOS quartz technology

  • Heavy duty switching

  • Also available in a kit with power supply, locks, and accessories

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  • Technical specifications

    • Fail Safe / Fail Secure
      For use with fail safe locking devices only
  • Electrical specifications

    • Max Voltage (V)
    • Voltage AC/DC
  • Dimensions

    • Product Height (mm)
    • Product Width (mm)
    • Product Depth (mm)
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