Global access control manufacturer CDVI has announced the official release of iface™, an advanced biometric facial recognition unit.

Following a successful and exclusive preview of the product at The Security Event 2021, iface is now available to buy for UK and international customers.

iface offers high performance, high accuracy, high speed facial matching. In 1:N mode for 10,000 subjects, faces are identified, analysed, and compared to the database in less than one second. Backed by a powerful octa-core processor and 2GB RAM, iface’s rapid facial matching provides a seamless user experience while improving the efficiency of entry points.

The sleek and stylish unit can be mounted on walls, desktops, and turnstiles and includes a built-in MIFARE® DESFire® card reader as a secondary access validation method. The high performance dual cameras are specially designed to detect and automatically capture faces of individuals up to two metres away from the unit.

iface is easily integrated with access control systems thanks to its Wiegand in/out protocol, RS485 ethernet connection, and dry contact relay. In combination with an automatic door opener, iface creates a truly touchless entry experience, eradicating any risks or anxieties around the hygiene of shared surfaces in a post-COVID world. With database capacity for up to 20,000 face templates, iface is a biometric access solution that scales with you.

To learn more about iface, visit the CDVI website.

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