Warranties are a statement of truth. For product manufacturers like us, the warranty is a declaration that we are confident that the product will last and last well for a period of time. If that statement turns out not to be true, and the product fails during that time, the manufacturer will repair or replace it at their own cost.

Our ATRIUM access control system comes with a 10 YEAR warranty. A whole decade! That’s one of, if not the longest warranty on the market for access control. And we’re here to tell you why that’s brilliant for installers and brilliant for end users.

Really, it comes down to peace of mind. When you purchase a product with a ten-year warranty, you’re purchasing a decade of not having to worry.

10-year warranty: benefits for installers

Lucrative maintenance contracts

For installers, a 10-year warranty is an important feature and a big selling point for your customers. You can pass on the peace of mind to them. Moreover, if you install a system with a 10-year warranty, that’s a potential 10-year maintenance contract for you to arrange. The ATRIUM system is easy to maintain, and with touch-free readers and exit buttons, wear-and-tear can be kept to a minimum.

Hassle-free repair and replace process

We have full confidence in the quality of our products. Our factories invest in the best materials for the job and we don’t cut corners. That’s why we trust our products to work and work well for ten whole years. However, we know that sometimes, problems arise. If you find a fault in a CDVI product during its warranty period, we’ll make it easy to repair or replace it.

Opportunities to expand

ATRIUM is a modular system. It’s simple to set up and easy to expand. If you’re visiting customers regularly for maintenance contracts, you have the opportunity to upsell. Adding more doors to an existing ATRIUM system is quick and easy. Or you could look to expand the system with add-on services. Some of the extras available with ATRIUM include:

*only with A22K controllers.

10-year warranty: benefits for end users

Ultimate peace of mind

What do end users want from an access control system? Generally, two things: security and reliability. With a ten-year warranty, there is no need to worry about obsolescence or degradation. We are confident that our products will do exactly what they’re supposed to do for ten years. It’s just one less thing for busy security officers or building managers to worry about.

Consistency in systems

Changing your access control system is a big decision. It’s not the kind of thing you can do often. It affects everybody in a building, and making changes takes planning, organisation, and careful management. If the system is unreliable, its life cycle can be very painful. With a ten-year warranty, the end user can be confident in reliable operation for a long period of time. There’s no need to deal with the stress and challenges of swapping systems every couple of years.

ATRIUM: access control with a ten-year warranty

ATRIUM is an online access control system for up to 500 doors. All the controllers, readers, keypads, power supplies, and locks manufactured by CDVI Group are backed by a 10-year warranty. They’re made of the best quality materials. They’re reliable over long periods of time. And they’re specially designed to be simple to install. The ATRIUM systems manages two doors for every one controller – that means half the installation time and half the cost on purchasing controllers.

For more information on ATRIUM, contact our sales team:

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