Healthcare facilities are designed specially to provide the best possible care for patients. Access control and physical security are part of that. In an environment where people are at their most vulnerable, feeling safe and secure is vitally important. Hospitals, GP surgeries, and clinics see large numbers of people moving in and around their premises every day. In some places, such as emergency departments, the efficiency and speed of movement can be a matter of life and death.

CDVI solutions for healthcare facilities

At CDVI, we put ease of use and robust technology at the heart of everything we do. For healthcare facilities, our solutions prioritise efficiency of movement around the premises as well as best practices in hygiene. The less physical contact between people and shared surfaces, the better. Automated, touchless, and radio-controlled systems make it easy to reduce contact.

Touchless solutions for healthcare

Hygiene is of utmost important in healthcare facilities. Whenever surfaces are touched, micro-organisms such as bacteria are transferred from the hands to the surface. At doors and other access points, shared surfaces are common. People may need to touch the same door handle, push-bar, keypad, or card reader in order to get through the door. Touchless access control solutions are designed to minimise contact between people and the physical environment as much as possible.

Touchless exit devices

Exit devices are designed to automatically trigger a door to unlock or open in order to allow people to get out. Traditionally an exit device consists of a physical button that the user presses. Touchless exit devices use infrared technology to eliminate the need for physical contact. The device puts out an infrared beam. When a hand is waved in front of it, interrupting the beam, the circuit is triggered. Zero contact and zero risk.

Door automation for health facilities

Automatic doors are another solution for reducing physical contact with the built environment. In addition, door automation improves general mobility within a building for everyone, including wheelchair users. One of the most common shared surface risk areas in an entryway is the door handle or door push panel. If the door opens automatically, this risk is removed.

DIGIWAY door automation  creates touch-free swing door access points and keeps traffic moving. Anybody can use DIGIWAY doors, regardless of their level of physical mobility or if they are a wheelchair user. The door operators are fully customisable and adaptable to meet the bespoke needs of a wide range of environments. It’s a reliable, discreet, and effective way to control traffic and prioritise good hygiene.

Automatic door operator for swing doors mounted above door frame with door held open

Door operators such as DIGIWAY can be triggered by a wide range of touchless solutions. Automatic trigger sensors use infrared, microwave, or laser technology. to identify when a person is approaching and open the door without prompting. Infrared exit devices perform the same function, requiring a wave of the hand within a short distance of the device to trigger the door action. DIGIWAY operators also come with a built-in radio receiver module. That means they can be paired with radio transmitters to wirelessly activate their motion. Touchless transmitters such as the TX26-TTHS mean there’s no need for the users to make contact and in addition, there’s no need for extra wiring.

Complex access control for healthcare

Access control systems can be very simple or very complex. ATRIUM online access control makes it easy regardless of the size of the system. The physical environment is split into groups of doors called “Areas“. If there are two doors leading to the same room, floor, or zone, they can be grouped into one Area. This model makes setting up the system much faster. Moreover, day-to-day administration is simpler – adding a new user takes just a few clicks.

Why choose ATRIUM?

  • ATRIUM is flexible and easy to use, whether your project is for one door or 500 doors.
  • It doesn’t require any special software to be downloaded – access the system from any device using just a web browser.
  • The intuitive management portal is free to access and use, no matter the size of your system.
  • Two doors per controller – that means half the controllers, half the installation time, and half the cost!

Biometric solutions for health & hygiene

Access control systems that don’t require staff to remember a swipe card, tag, keypad code or password are ideal for busy healthcare facilities. Biometric solutions fit neatly into this gap. Healthcare workers have enough on their plate. If they can just use their fingerprint or facial features to gain access to doors, it’s one less thing to worry about. In addition, biometric security ensures that only authorised individuals can gain access. Biometric data is extremely hard to clone or steal in the same way some swipe cards or tags may be. A swipe card can be given to someone else; a keypad code can be revealed to anybody; but authorised users must be physically present to use biometric readers.

The ievo ultimate™ fingerprint reader is perfect for healthcare facility systems. Equipped with a best-in-class multi-spectral imaging sensor, the reader analyses deep into the sub-surface of every fingerprint. It uses nine different sources of light to identify the unique features of every finger. And it can even do that through some Latex gloves!

Access control solutions for healthcare

Healthcare facilities must put patient safety and security first. The right access control solution is central to this. Every hospital, clinic, and surgery has specific needs. Installers should analyse the physical environment and the needs of staff and patients, and design systems to meet those needs. Hygiene should be at the heart of the system. With automation and touchless technologies, this is easier than ever to achieve.

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