City break apartments, seaside cottages, glamping yurts – self-contained holiday accommodation has become a mainstream option for tourists. According to EU figures, around 23% of tourists opt for holiday rentals, compared to 64% who still prefer traditional hotels (1). This is a sector on the rise: in some areas of the UK, the number of active holiday rental properties rose by as much as 33% from 2021 to 2022 (2).

For the owners and managers of holiday accommodation, the security of their properties is paramount. They need to know that their property is safe and can’t be accessed by any unauthorised individuals. They also need to be confident that their guests can come and go with convenience.

What is self-check-in technology?

It’s not always convenient for property owners or managers to be on-hand to greet guests and grant them entry to accommodation. The solution is self-check-in technology. These solutions allow owners to grant access remotely, without the need to meet guests in person. Guests can let themselves into the property and come and go as they please. The property remains robustly secure at all other times.

What are the benefits of self-check-in technology?

Self-check-in access control makes life easier. Property owners don’t need to be there to grant guests access. On the other side, guests don’t need to plan their arrival to align with the host. Technology solutions also mean there’s no risk of owners handing over door keys that could be lost or stolen during the guests’ trip. Security is improved, too. With many electronic access control solutions, credentials can be changed with each guest. Doors can be set to lock automatically whenever guests are out.

Self-check-in solutions

GALEO Keypad Access Control

The GALEO keypad is powered by Digicode® technology. Using a paired smartphone app, holiday accommodation owners can create and send keypad codes to guests and service providers remotely. The codes can be permanent (for a regular cleaner to gain access), or temporary for just the short stays of each guest. Combined with electronic locking, there’s no need for any keys or swipe cards that can be lost or stolen. When a valid keypad code is entered, an electronic trigger is sent to the lock to release it and allow access. Then either immediately or after a defined period of time, the door automatically locks again.

The GALEO keypad solution is suitable for tourist accommodation managers with just one property, or for those with many rooms on the same site. For example, it works for a site with multiple cabins, apartments, treehouses, or any of the other quirky stays that are available. Site managers simply need a GALEO keypad on the front door of each unit, and the Digicode® smartphone app to manage them.

Self-check-in for multi-unit sites

ATRIUM online access control

For large sites with a lot of self-contained accommodation units to manage, a more complex solution may be required. ATRIUM online access control is that solution. By centralising the management of all the different units in one place, site managers can do everything on one device. Whether it’s five, fifty, or five hundred doors, ATRIUM makes day-to-day admin easy.

The flexibility of the ATRIUM system means a choice of access methods. Guests can be issued swipe cards to be returned at the end of a stay. Alternatively, keypad codes can be created and given out. ATRIUM can even be combined with biometric solutions, using guests’ fingerprints to grant them entry.

Find out more about securing short-term rentals

An effective access control solution transforms the way short-term holiday rentals are managed. From a single apartment in a tourist city to large-scale resorts, self-check-in makes life easier for property owners, site managers, and guests alike. Finding the ideal balance between security and convenience has never been easier than with CDVI.

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