CDVI has a large portfolio of issued worldwide patents and patent applications plus foreign patents and applications.

This portfolio is heavily oriented towards physical access control and addresses almost every major door, lock and access control market.

Patented CDVI products are in line with CDVI’s constant drive for innovative and cutting-edge products. Product innovations are a driving force in the security market, ensuring installers and end users always get the best performing products answering to their immediate needs.

Look out for our range of patented products using this logo:



A patent provides its owner an exclusive right over a claimed invention, which is granted by the industrial property or patent office of a country or group of countries based on a patent application. It is granted done after following the procedure prescribed in the relevant patent law and regulations. The exclusive right of the owner provides a legal right and possibility to the owner to prevent others from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing the patented invention without the owner’s permission.

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