Global access control manufacturer CDVI has announced the official release of a new integration between isync, the software behind ievo biometric fingerprint readers, and Paxton’s Net2 access control. Net2 is Paxton’s user-friendly and flexible networked access control entry system, which is managed from a central PC.

The integration makes it quick and simple to combine the robust security of biometric technology with the scalability and ease of use of access control. By allowing users to rapidly register fingerprint data as an access credential, entry and exit processes are simplified and data security is bolstered. With zero data stored on the ievo fingerprint reader heads, the risks traditionally associated with vandalism or theft of biometric systems are vastly reduced.

isync allows full fingerprint template management, with enrolment via USB enrolment reader or network. The intuitive interface makes day-to-day processes simple, with no intensive learning curve required.

Biometric data is unique and intrinsic to individuals and cannot be misplaced or stolen; built-in liveness detection in ievo readers adds another optional layer of security. Moreover, by eliminating the need for constant replacement or replenishment of generally plastic cards/tags, the overall environmental impact of an access control solution is reduced. This integration is designed to merge high security, good design, and simple installation in one cohesive access solution.

The integration is compatible with Paxton’s Net2 software version 6.05 and above, and is supported in English, French, and Dutch.

The software can be downloaded from the CDVI website, or by getting in touch with our Technical Support team at technical@cdvi.co.uk or on +[44] (0) 1628 531 300.

To find out more about ievo fingerprint readers, visit our website.

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