Global access control and security manufacturer CDVI has created a bespoke locking solution to meet a customer’s needs.

CDVI has manufactured aluminium pull handles with built-in electro-magnetic locks since 1998. As a discreet, attractive, and robust locking solution, the handles are perfect for high traffic zones such as schools and office buildings. The standard handles can be mounted on single or double doors, and suit both new build and retrofit projects.

The full range of magnetic handles includes holding force from 300kg up to 1200kg, as well as full-height or partial-height models. Because every door is different, the handles can be cut to custom size and even tailored with bespoke RAL colour options.

CDVI was approached by Crucial Engineering with an enquiry relating to magnetic pull handles. Crucial Engineering were working with clients looking for a multi-point locking solution on aluminium doors. Moreover, in order to meet fire strategy regulations, they needed to ensure the solution would not reduce the clear opening width of the door. None of the existing handles on the market met these needs.

Crucial Engineering therefore approached CDVI to discuss the project. CDVI took on the challenge, manufacturing a completely new aluminium handle. The full-height handle comprises two electro-magnetic locks at high and low points, with the armatures built in to overlap. Vitally, the new design does not compromise the clear door opening width.

Paul van Heeswyk, Managing Director of Crucial Engineering, said: “We approached CDVI to see what opportunities were available. CDVI designed us a handle that would accommodate our requirements and allowed us to bring the ‘Vault’ door to market.”

Paul Ramsay, General Manager of CDVI UK, said: “We were delighted to help Crucial Engineering with this project. As a trusted manufacturer of magnetic pull handles for over 20 years, we applied our knowledge to create a brand new bespoke solution. The resulting handle is robust and discreet, while effectively meeting the requirements of fire strategy regulations.”

Read the full case study to find out how the installation works:

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