We are a manufacturer with hundreds of thousands of products rolling out of our factories every year. Sustainability is at the heart of our product development strategy. We are extremely selective with our suppliers of raw materials – they must be responsible, reputable partners. When we’re designing products, recyclability is a vital factor in decision-making.

Sustainability isn’t only on the agenda for new products. We’re also constantly reviewing our existing range. If we can change a supplier, alter a manufacturing process, or improve energy efficiency, we’ll work on it. It’s important to us that we’re a responsible manufacturer driving continuous improvement. We’ve already made a lot of changes, and there are plenty more to come!

Magnetic Pull Handles

In recent years, we have totally redesigned the whole manufacturing process for our magnetic handles.

We’re making every effort to reduce our environmental impact, starting with the raw materials used to create the handle housings and ending with how we package them for customer delivery.

We decided to use a new type of aluminium for our handles. The supplier we chose produces a specific type of aluminium that is made with renewable energy from hydroelectric, solar, and wind power sources. It is intended to be a low-carbon aluminium.

Low Energy Maglocks

We’ve reduced power consumption in our V3SR series to make a greener maglock. The new version is more efficient, more sustainable, and cheaper to run. Where the previous version was rated at 500mA, the new V3SR uses just 290mA. The reduction means that less electrical energy is needed to keep the maglock robustly locked. And using less electricity means end users spend less on energy bills – about 42% less!

Choosing responsible suppliers
Changing manufacturing processes
Making planet-friendly choices


Traditionally, resin has been used in the construction of many of our readers and keypads. Resin provides waterproofing and vandal-resistant properties that help protect the electronics inside products. However, resin-based items cannot be recycled.

Our goal is to replace the resin in our products with a new technique known as tropicalisation. Instead of using resin to fix and protect electronic components, a thin layer of varnish is applied. The varnish does not prevent the product from being recycled, making it much more eco-friendly.

Mobile Credentials

By removing the requirement for plastic access cards, our high security smartphone credential product enables end user organisations to cut back on their plastic usage. Since most people already own a smartphone, it’s an easy and eco-friendly decision to integrate access control credentials into them.

Many organisations use up a lot of plastic each year buying and replacing physical credentials such as swipe cards and fobs. With mobile credentials, this is significantly reduced.

Watch this space!

We're on a journey, and we want you to come with us. This page will be regularly updated with the new changes we're making to our products. Check back soon to see what we're working on!