Why do businesses invest in access control systems?

Security is essential to the day-to-day operation of any business. When security systems are doing their job, assets and individuals are protected. When employees are confident that stock, data, and they themselves are safe and secure, they can work more effectively.

But security is not only CCTV and door locks, and an approach that’s too heavy-handed can make employees feel like they are under surveillance. For many businesses, there is a balance to be struck between ensuring security and maintaining efficient flows of traffic around the building.

Access control is about ensuring that only authorised individuals can gain access to the areas for which they have the right to enter. If you’re considering having an access control system installed, or you’re thinking about upgrading your current system, here are some of the key benefits of investing in access control.

Better daily management – save time, money, and resources

If you have a workforce of staff, plus customers and visitors to manage and keep safe, an access control system makes it easy. A well-organised system will allow you to automate many of your security needs, ensuring that only authorised people can access restricted zones. Moreover, an access control system that is integrated into other building and workforce management systems saves you time by avoiding duplication of tasks and ensuring consistent records across all databases.


Better traceability

Access control is about knowing who’s where and when. If incidents do occur, such as emergency evacuations, security breaches, or thefts, it’s considerably easier to work out who was in the vicinity at the time.

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Better workforce management data

Introducing systems means gathering data. And data can be used by the business to inform decisions and strategies about how to effectively manage people. Working out how people are moving throughout the building and the patterns of ingress and egress during the day tells you essential information about working practices. In addition, many access control systems include automatic scheduling functions, making it easy for businesses to offer and manage flexible working patterns.

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Better accessibility & productivity

For employees, convenience is king. The easier it is for workers to get into a building and move around freely, the happier they are in their work environment. The happier a workforce is, the more productive it is. Systems that require users to know a PIN code for the car park, carry a key for the front gate, and wear a lanyard carrying a card to unlock their office are cumbersome and frustrating to use. Integrated access control makes that experience seamless.  Moreover, for individuals with limited physical mobility, access control systems can provide the accessibility assistance they need to move around safely, particularly when combined with door automation.

Better workplace safety

Access control can play a significant role in ensuring that all staff, customers, and visitors feel and are safe in the workplace. When people, assets, and data are all effectively protected from unauthorised individuals or external threats, it is much easier to maintain business continuity even when difficulties do occur. Reputable systems will also ensure that your physical workplace complies with relevant standards and regulations, such as the EN16005 standard for automated doors.

Better first impressions

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether it’s a new employee on their first day, or an important customer visiting your site, a slick access control system is part of that first impression. If it’s easy to use, performs well, and can be prepared in advance to reduce friction when a visitor arrives, they’ll feel welcomed, valued, and safe in your building.

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Interested in access control?

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