ievo fingerprint kit with interface board and 1x ultimate™ reader

Ref: F0106000035

This kit includes 1x ievo ultimate™ fingerprint reader and 1x IEVO-MB10K interface board. The ievo ultimate™ is a CPNI-certified fingerprint scanner employing a high performance multi-spectral imaging (MSI) sensor. It reads fingerprints from both the surface and subsurface levels even if they are hard to distinguish due to external factors such as dirt, moisture, and damage. This interface board has capacity for up to 10,000 fingerprint templates.

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Key features

  • Capacity for up to 10,000 fingerprint templates 

  • Vandal resistant IP65-rated reader

  • Advanced multi-spectral imaging sensor

  • Visual and audible reader feedback

  • Kit includes: 1x IEVO-U ultimate™ fingerprint reader and 1x IEVO-MB10K interface board

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