Where can you use biometric access control?

ievo biometric solutions have been successfully implemented in a huge range of buildings and environments around the world. Our fingerprint and facial recognition products improve security, monitoring, health & safety, privacy, convenience, and more.

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Biometrics for Care Homes

Specialist care and security

Care homes should provide a welcoming and relaxing environment. They should also ensure a high level of security for residents who may be very vulnerable. It’s important that these buildings balance these needs. Overly aggressive security measures could damage the caring atmosphere, but lax access control could put residents at risk.

ievo biometric access control solutions are easy for staff to use. They are highly secure to keep residents safe, while being non-intrusive for the care home environment. Normal access control monitoring is reduced, giving staff the time and resources to focus on caring for residents.

Data protection

The ievo ultimate fingerprint reader keeps staff and residents’ biometric data safe. When a fingerprint is registered, the reader captures a highly detailed image of the print.

Then, the image is analysed to extract a range of individual data points. The pattern and make-up of these data points allows the ievo system to create a digital template of the fingerprint. The template is generated using an advanced algorithm, ensuring it can never be backwards-engineered to recreate the original image.

Biometrics for Construction

Safe and robust access control

Construction sites are busy and potentially dangerous environments. Access control must be robust and reliable. By their nature, people working on sites are dealing with levels of dirt, grease, dust, and moisture. That kind of environment may hinder some biometric systems – but not ievo. The ultimate™ fingerprint reader has an advanced MSI sensor that works even in tough environments.

With iface™ facial recognition, construction workers don’t even need to touch the reader. With both white light and NIR (near-infrared) cameras, iface makes access control hands-free.

Multi-spectral imaging sensor

The ievo ultimate™ fingerprint reader is equipped with a multi-spectral imaging sensor. MSI sensors penetrate deeper into the surface of the fingerprint than traditional optical sensors. This ensures a highly detailed and highly accurate scan of the fingerprint. The MSI sensor in the ultimate™ uses nine different sources of light to capture fingerprints even through levels of construction site dirt and debris.

Biometrics for Commercial Properties

High security building management

Commercial properties need to protect their people and assets. When integrated into an access control system, ievo biometrics add a comprehensive layer of security. Building management isn’t always easy, with lots of people coming and going with different requirements for access levels and schedules.

In commercial properties with traditional access control systems, managing swipe cards or tags can be a big challenge. People inevitably lose or damage physical credentials. That means there’s a constant admin burden to restock and replace them. With biometrics, that isn’t the case.

Scalable solutions

The ievo fingerprint readers don’t store any information on the reader head. Everything is kept on the separate Interface Board. There are two standard options for Interface Boards: one with a capacity of 10,000 templates, and another with a capacity of 50,000 templates. iface™ facial recognition offers memory for up to 20,000 face templates.

Biometrics for Fitness & Leisure

Manage access for staff and gym members

Gyms and leisure facilities have complex access needs. Lots of people come and go throughout the day, for various purposes. There may be a multi-layered membership structure, with different groups allowed access to different areas. With ievo biometrics integrated into an access control system, this layered approach is made simple and easy to manage.

Biometrics is also convenient for members. If access is via a card or tag, some people will sometimes forget it. The same is true of a PIN or keypad code. With biometrics, there is nothing for the user to remember.

Turnstiles providing biometric access control with fingerprint readers mounted on top

Integration and flexible installation

ievo biometric solutions are flexible for use with a wide range of third-party systems. We have integrated with many of the biggest and best access control and time & attendance software providers. Moreover, with the isync mid-point software, new integrations are made simpler, easier, and more affordable.

For gyms, ievo readers are ideal for managing staff access, and in combination with membership management systems, customers too. Both fingerprint and facial readers can be wall-mounted for use with turnstiles. Gym members can then self-service, freeing up staff for more important tasks.

Biometrics for Food & Drink Manufacturing

Enhancing hygiene

Food and drink manufacturers work to constantly improve efficiency and reduce risk in the workplace. Biometric access control is an ideal solution for risk management in factories. Moderning security solutions provides greater accountability, staff tracking and monitoring, accurate health & safety records, and better overall site security.

Hygiene is at the forefront of food and drink manufacturing. The ievo ultimate™ fingerprint reader’s advanced sensor works even through some Latex gloves – reducing contamination threats and helping to maintain clean environments. With the iface facial recognition unit, no physical contact at all is required.

Improving efficiency

iface™ is not only extremely hygienic for access control – it’s also efficient. It takes just 1.0 second for a face to be recognised. Only 5 seconds are needed to enroll a new user. If you have a large number of users trying to gain access at similar times, this will make everything much more efficient.

For example, at shift change times when lots of workers are entering and leaving the premises, 1-second authentication could make a big difference when compared to the time required for swipe cards or keypad codes.

Biometrics for Government Facilities

High security environments

Biometric access control offers an intrinsic level of additional security that traditional systems can’t. Swipe cards can be stolen, lost, or damaged. PIN codes can be forgotten or shared with unauthorised people. With biometrics, that’s not possible. Government facilities can be confident that only authorised users can be granted entry.

No data is stored on ievo fingerprint reader heads. Everything is kept on a separate Interface Board, which is installed on the secure side of the door. In addition, communication between the reader and the board can be encrypted using AES standards, further enhancing security at official facilities.

Encryption and compliance

The ievo ultimate™ is a CPNI-certified fingerprint reader. It offers multiple added security features to ensure high security environments are robustly protected. Data transmission between the reader head and the Interface Board can be optionally protected by AES encryption. Spoof detection can be enabled as well, making installations ISO PAD Level 1 compliant.

Biometrics for Healthcare Facilities

Dependable reliability

Healthcare institutions are all different. Buildings and staffing requirements are often complex. But the one common goal is to protect patients, employees, and valuable assets. ievo biometrics integrate seamlessly with access control infrastructure to ensure that only authorised people can enter restricted areas.

This dependable reliability gives security officers better visibility over the whole site. With access control or time & attendance systems, you know who accessed which door and when. With biometrics, credentials can’t be lost or stolen and misused by unauthorised people. This gives you maximum authority over your premsies.

Clean and safe environments

Fingerprint and facial recognition technology reduces the need for shared surface touching at access points. Swipe cards on lanyards that can accumulate germs are not needed. Touch can eliminated with facial recognition, or be limited to just the surface of the scanning plate on the fingerprint reader. The multi-spectral imaging sensor on the ievo ultimate™ can analyse and authenticate fingerprints even through levels of moisture – meaning users can sanitise their hands before use. It even works through some Latex gloves – helping to ensure clean environments stay clean.

Biometrics for Nurseries

Safeguarding children

The most important thing that nurseries do is keep children safe. Parents need the peace of mind of knowing that their children are in caring environments that are highly secure. Biometric technology ensures that only the individuals registered on the system can gain access to the premises. No other individual can enter using the readers.

ievo products also make life easier for nursery staff. The fingerprint and facial recognition readers are user-friendly and simple to operate. They grant access quickly, with minimal effort required from the user. For staff looking after or carrying children, ease of use is paramount.

Extremely accurate imaging

Both ievo fingerprint readers and facial recognition units utilise advanced technology to improve accuracy. The ievo ultimate™ fingerprint reader comes with a powerful multi-spectral imaging sensor. While standard optical sensors penetrate around 150 microns deep into the fingertip, the ultimate™ scans up to 4000 microns deep. Both the surface and the sub-surface of the finger are analysed simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the iface™ facial recognition unit uses dual cameras to create a 3D template map of faces. One camera uses standard white light to capture an image. The other uses invisible near-infrared (NIR) light to create a digital 3D template. This helps the reader to determine and reject when someone tries to gain access using a 2D photograph.

Guaranteed peace of mind

Biometrics offers homeowners and residents an inherently higher level of security. Systems that rely on secondary credentials like keys, access cards, or PINS are vulnerable to loss, theft, or manipulation. Those eventualities leave homes exposed to increased security risks. If residents register their fingerprints or face on a biometric reader instead, those risks are significantly reduced.

It is extremely hard to steal or clone biometric data. ievo fingerprint readers can have a spoof detection feature enabled, preventing access being granted to ‘fake fingers’. The readers use liveness detection to pick up live blood flow under the surface of the fingerprint.

Stylish installations

The ievo ultimate™ fingerprint reader is IP65 rated – meaning it can be installed safely either indoors or outdoors. It can also be mounted either surface or flush with the wall, according to your aesthetic preferences. And if black doesn’t suit your home, the reader can be sprayed any RAL colour to fit in with or stand out from its surroundings.

High performance monitoring

For retail businesses, better security means enhanced staff safety and better loss prevention. Storage areas contain high value assets, and it’s essential that only authorised people are able to access them. Security systems must be reliable and robust.

Time & attendance systems are common in retail premises for managing staff access. Particularly in large organisations, they can be effective ways to track staff coming and going for their shifts. Biometrics in combination with time & attendance solutions offer high performance monitoring to outlets, storage rooms, and staff areas, to help keep accurate records of who is where and when.

ievo desktop fingerprint registration unit with a hand hovering above

Seamless integration

Integration with ievo readers is simple. We have existing off-the-shelf integrations with a wide range of popular access control and time & attendance systems. New or bespoke integrations are also an option made easy by our isync mid-point software. isync sits between the ievo operational software and the third-party system, simplifying integrations significantly.

FAR and FRR in biometric security - fingerprint scanner with outstretched hand