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Stainless steel keypad, 2 relays

Product reference: 
  • Keypad with integrated electronics
  • Backlight for convenience 
  • 100 user codes 
  • Narrow style to suit restrictive frame sizes 
  • Secure surface mount 
PROFIL100E-INTNarrow backlit keypad, self-contained

The PROFIL100E-INT keypad from CDVI is a heavy duty, stainless steel surface keypad, with a slim design particularly suited to door frames and harsh environments. 
Its construction, and high resistance to vandalism, makes the PROFIL100E-INT suitable to secure external sites and parking areas in addition to industrial, public, commercial, retail and residential applications. 
Backlit keys assist in low-light conditions, and the option that allows users to change their own codes and 2 relays as standard, increase the flexibility of the products.

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