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Stylish backlit keypad with bluetooth option

Product reference: 
  • Bluetooth applications for Android and IOS
  • Stylish & vandal resistant 
  • Remote electronics for added security 
  • 100 user codes
  • Internal or external use
GALEO-4.0Stylish backlit bluetooth keypad, 3 relays
GALEOStylish backlit keypad, 2 relays

GALEO is a stylish and innovative keypad, combining good looks with a high level of ruggedness and vandal resistance.
Designed on our award winning GALEO, the new GALEO-4.0 offers class-leading performance and convenient programming via Android and IOS applications.
GALEO is supplied with a remote electronic controller - this means the electronics are housed in the secure area and therefore does not allow the possibility of gaining entry by “tampering” with the electronics within the keypad body. 

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