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A22K Encrypted Access Control Kit with Strike Locking

A22K Encrypted Access Control Kit with Strike Locking

High security, simple setup solution kit with strike locking for homes and businesses

Product reference: 
  • Supports two doors and four readers
  • End-to-end AES128-bit encryption 
  • Secure HTTPS (SSL/TLS) web server
  • Includes free software and free app
  • Capacity for up to 500 doors and 10,000 cards 
  • Fail secure/fail safe adjustable lock
A22KITK2-DSEncrypted Access Control Kit with Strike Locking

This kit is a flexible, versatile, and easy-to-use access control solution that's encrypted from end to end for high security and peace of mind. The secure web server is accessible from any device and offers full visibility over your entire system, as well as quick and simple programming of your A22K controller, even from a smartphone. Keep your data safe and secure and eliminate the risk of card cloning or forgery, for high security right out of the box. 

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