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Adjustable Infrared Photocells

Adjustable Infrared Photocells

20m infrared beam

Product reference: 
  • Active infrared photocells
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable lens
  • 20 metre range
  • Internal or external use
SEF242020 metre adjustable infrared beam

The photocells from ERONE provide a range of active infrared beams which will activate if the beam is cut between the transmitter at one end and the receiver at the other end.
The range includes models of varying beam lengths, and the option of a vandal resistant casing. Active infrared beams are ideal for protecting the active zone on swing and sliding gates and doors, to prevent injury or accidental damage if a person/ obstacle is within the zone.
The photocells can also used as signalling devices where the beam is interrupted by vehicles or pedestrians, and as a guard for machinery which can be stopped automatically if a person approaches the machine.
The 20 metre adjustable optics are suitable for a more difficult installation environment.

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