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SHL1200 / P1200SHL

SHL1200 / P1200SHL

Traditional 1200kg shearlock

Product reference: 
  • Holding force 1200kg
  • Fail safe
  • Monitored
  • Flush mount (surface housing available)
  • Built-in electronic protection
P1200SHL (SHL1200)Traditional 1200kg shearlock
SHL1200-HSurface housing for SHL1200

The SHL1200 is a traditional shearlock which is ideal for single action doors which always rest at the same position and have good quality door closers fitted.
The construction of the SHL1200 makes it suitable for aluminium and wooden doors . Being very robust in construction and performance, the SHL1200 provides a high level of security with a holding force of 1200kg.
A varistor is built in to the electronics, which eliminates back EMF and protects sensitive controlling devices such as keypads and access control units.

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