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Range of high security symmetrical strikes, 12V & 24V

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  • Certified fire rating: EN 1634-1 to 120 minutes (GPCF-12CC and GPCF-24CC only)
  • 12Vdc and 24Vdc available
  • Symmetrical
  • Supplied with faceplate (TG)
  • Built-in MOV
  • Includes TG faceplate
GPCFIP-12Symmetrical fail safe strike, 12Vdc
GPCF-12CCSymmetrical fail secure strike, fire rated, 12Vdc, continuous
GPCFIP-24Symmetrical fail safe strike, 24Vdc
GPCF-24CCSymmetrical fail secure strike, fire rated, 24Vdc, continuous

The GPCF series from CDVI offer high quality fail secure or fail safe locking, and is supplied with a faceplate (TG). Fail secure models benefit from resistance to fire under EN 1634-1, tested to 120 minutes. 
The GPCF is a high performance and versatile lock to suit many requirements. It's also high security, due to it’s one metric ton of holding force measured at the jaw, half a million duty cycles and superior fire resilience.
The MOV (metal oxide varistor) fitted inside all GPCF strikes protects your system from electric spikes that can cause damage to electronic control devices.

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