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MV Series

MV Series

Motorised electric dead-bolts, manual override option

Product reference: 
  • Non-handed motorised dead-bolt
  • Audible signal for locking error
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Includes round cylinder and keys
  • Ideal for doors and gates
MVAMotorised dead-bolt
MVMMotorised dead-bolt with manual over-ride

The MVA/MVM motorised locks provide electronic deadlocking to suit a wide range of applications. Widely used on external gates, the MV series are equally equipped to lock heavy duty doors, cages etc and include a circular key cylinder with 3 keys which will fit door/gate thickness of 40-90mm.
The MV series is supplied without manual override (MVA) or with manual override (MVM) - the units are non-handed so are suitable for left or right side opening. Nylon gears ensure a smooth, silent and rust-free operation, while the varnish coating on the electronics ensure the suitability for external use.
This surface mount lock has been designed with fixings which are compatible with other locking devices of a similar nature, to make retrofit/replacement easier.

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