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New articulated arm for DIGIWAY 

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  • Cross-compatible for both DIGIWAY Plus and DIGIWAY SR
  • 110-140° max door opening angle
  • 2 spherical joints allowing 11° joint movement
  • Transforms to sliding arm for inward opening doors
  • Improved aesthetics with rounded edges
DWAA35Articulated arm for DIGIWAY Plus or SR (350mm length)
DWAA55Articulated arm for DIGIWAY Plus or SR (550mm length)
DWAA55ESquared tube extension for adjustable arm (550mm length)

The newly available DWAA articulated arm improves both compatibility and aesthetics. The DWAA is cross-compatible for both DIGIWAY PLUS and DIGIWAY SR operators. The DWAA increases the maximum door opening angle with a separate extension module, and improves on the previous model by adding two spherical joints. In addition, the new sliding mechanism makes adjusting the arm much easier. Manufactured in stainless steel, the new articulated arm offers a smoother, more discreet appearance with rounded edges.

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