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2-door controller

Product reference: 
  • 2 door controller 
  • Assign users to door 1, door 2 or both
  • 500 user capacity 
  • 2 exit button inputs 
  • 2 timed/latching relay outputs 
DG502UP2-door controller

The DG502UP is a high quality 2-door controller, which is simple to install, programme and maintain. A standalone controller, programming is carried out via a master programming code, and simple commands allow users to be added or deleted and lock time to be adjusted.
Control of fail secure or fail safe locks makes the DG502UP a very flexible controller, being suitable for standard locking requirements or more critical fire escape routes.
A user is issued a card or fob, and associated to one of 500 available slots. If the user loses the card/fob, then the slot is deleted and a new card/fob issued. Non-volatile memory ensures all information is retained during power failure.

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