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U-bracket for magnetic and electric locking

Product reference: 
  • Universal "U" bracket
  • Glass doors
  • Fits electric lock surface housings
  • Satin anodised aluminium
  • Accepts 300, 400 and 500kg magnets
UBK-PU-bracket for magnetic and electric locking
ADH-EPOXYGlass/metal bonding kit

The UBK-P is a universal glass door bracket for electric lock surface housings.
For example, the UBK-P would be used for the L bracket above the door and a UBK-U for the armature on the door for an outward opening door (A), however for an inward opening door (B) a second UBK-P wouldbe required to fit the Z bracket too.
It accepts 300, 400 and 500kg magnets.


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