A new visual identity for CDVI

We are pleased to introduce our new logo, giving CDVI a more modern identity within the Security industry and Access Control market.

A visual identity in line with CDVI’s strategic development
In line with the growth strategy of the CDVI Group, this new identity echoes our global objectives. Reflecting fundamental company values and missions, such as simplicity, innovation and security, this new logo is the result of a collaborative design between 18 CDVI subsidiaries.

The CDVI blue is known by many installers and distributors. It symbolises our main innovation focus: security, while being a reminder of our French savoir-faire. Thanks to a rounded typography and a streamlined design, this new logo gives CDVI a more modern visual identity. 

A new baseline
Another significant change is the baseline: “The installer’s choice” becomes “Security to Access”. This change allows CDVI to be seen as a true manufacturer of secure and innovative Access Control solutions. CDVI offers every solution needed to bring security to access your homes and premises, from the simple reader and Bluetooth keypad to online access control systems.

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