How to Use ATRIUM to Manage Social Distancing in the Workplace

As businesses around the world are preparing to re-open, they will be faced with new, difficult and unprecedented challenges. They will need to adopt stringent regulations that prioritise public safety above all else. 

The premise, as demonstrated by what we’re seeing in Asia and parts of Europe right now, is that capacity management isn’t just for your special event anymore. It’s for your entire business plan. When you reopen in a post-COVID world, only a certain number of guests, customers, or staff can enter a contained area at any given time, with strict entry regulations.

So, what is access control management and how can you implement this solution?

Access control management is a means of effectively managing the flow of people and restricting access to a building or area. Gone are the days when locking a door or putting up a temporary barrier were sufficient forms of access control.

Now, businesses require better crowd control options to deliver an improved staff & customer service relationship and keep people safe at all times.

CDVI offers a simple solution that automatically collects data through the ATRIUM assess control system.

This innovative feature allows you to count the amount of people who have entered a building/, room, or area and restrict access (by relocking the door) once the area has reached maximum capacity. Anyone who approaches after the door has relocked will be notified that the area has reached capacity by a red light on the door’s reader.

Once a user has exited the restricted area, ATRIUM then allows the next person to enter, easing the flow of capacity management.

ATRIUM can also report the amount of time each user has spent in the controlled area, i.e. timed clock-in and clock-out with proximity tags/cards via the reader. 

The anti-passback feature prevents users from entering the area once they have exited for a pre-defined amount of time. 

The ‘2-person rule’ feature allows two users who have similar access rights to enter the area using their tags. Two doors can be arranged in a sequence as well, allowing only one door to open at a time. 

All-in-all capacity management has become a norm for the near future and all industries across the board will have to implement a form of access control to remain COVID-safe. Why not invest in the reliability and longevity of CVDI products, with our unique 10-year warranty?

We offer full capacity management solutions as well as touchless solutions for safer and hygienic environments. 

Get back to work safely!