Our award winning GALEO keypad is now Bluetooth!

Gone are the days of classic programming having to enter each user codes one by one, site by site! The GALEO Bluetooth allows you to programme and control everything remotely via an app available on both IOS and Android.

This new version of the GALEO can be programmed as usual after defining a master code or via Bluetooth using the CDVI Manager app. As an installer, your phone becomes the keypad’s remote control. Installation and programming done through the app are easy and straightforward. Thanks to the architecture sharing, you can reproduce any installation quickly. The app also allows for multi-site gestion: control all your keypad installations from your phone, add and remove users, set relay operation...

End users can open doors and gates from the app via the unlocking of the locking system up-to a 10-meter range. It also gives them the ability to give temporary access to a contractor or tenant thanks to specific access codes and schedules (dates and times). The administrator of the system can control the access codes of everyone via the app and add security to its premises by allowing or denying access. To make sure user data is stored safely, the app provides a secure online safe for user data storage.

Top 3 features for the installer:
Easy installation and programming
Architecture sharing for quick reproduction
Multi-site gestion in one app

Top 3 features for the end user:
Open your door or gate remotely from the app
Ability to give temporary access to a contractor or tenant
Ability to decide schedules (dates and times) for visitors

All GALEO keypads now come with the integrated Bluetooth features. You can decide whether to enable the Bluetooth app or use it as a simple robust keypad.

Download the apps now!

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